(Re-) Starting Up Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hey there. It's been a while. Sorry about that. Thankfully, the interweb (that's you!) hasn't gone anywhere.

I've recently started up my own software company with a close friend from college, so I figured I'd resurrect my blog to record for posterity how the startup is going. We're doing some interesting software development (by some people's standards, anyway), so there'll be some articles in that vein, as well as anecdotes about running the business, deep thoughts on existential topics like "What kind of monkey is best?" (answer: they're all the best) and just plain old me-being-me (my Mom tells me I'm funny).

My company is Pharos Enterprise Intelligence, and just this week our alpha test site (invitation only) went live with Engine Yard. I'll talk more about the product, the technology and our business model in later posts. You'll just have to wait.

And to top it off, our public-facing intarnets site went live this week. If you really loved me, you'd subscribe to our RSS feed.